Looking for something to read?

Published April 17, 2013 by stormiecrazy

     As the title suggests, I shall be presenting you with a book recommendation! As an enthusiastic writer, I am constantly reading. One of my favorite books, though, can very well be The Search for Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi. Although it is categorized as being a children’s book, the beautiful illustrations and the well thought out words make it an exciting read for anyone. 

     In its 400 or so pages, a story unfolds about a young girl, being raised alone by a robot. It takes place way into the future, where everything is controlled by robots and no one knows much anymore about the outside world. Finding a clue about a place called “Wondla”, the heroine quickly finds that she wishes to explore this outside world very much. Many trials get in her way as she discovers new friends, new foes, and new adventure.

     I, personally, have read the book two or three times, and it has not gotten old. The wording is extravagant, the story line is catchy, and- as I’ve mentioned before- the illustrations are breathtaking (Tony DiTerlizzi has illustrated quite a few books, and his style is quite elegant. You would know him if you read The Spiderwick Chronicles or if you have read the first book in Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series).  

     All in all, it is a book worth reading if you find yourself craving adventure and a charming plot. 


Good evening!

Published March 8, 2013 by stormiecrazy

Good evening, my readers. I would like to announce that I will try my hand at cooking a foreign food tomorrow…

Prepare the fire extinguisher.

Anyhow, it will be a nice Russian mushroom and potato soup, shared with a good friend of mine, followed by a movie or something… perhaps paired with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea?

I eagerly await tomorrow~



Your Russia Loving Blogger,


Happy Valentine’s and “I finally got a follower!” Day! :D

Published February 15, 2013 by stormiecrazy



As you probably know, today is Valentine’s day.


So I wish you a happy one, my only follower, and any others who enjoy reading my blog. 🙂 (I appreciate you!)


As for my Valentine’s day? I am spending it as any other day would be spent by myself: Writing poetry, writing books, and drawing. And, yes, daydreaming about the marvelous Ivan Braginski who sadly I shall never truly marry.

Kidding, kidding! But, anyhow, this post shall be kept quite short, and I promise longer ones in the future. 

I bid you a good day!


New to This

Published January 30, 2013 by stormiecrazy

Hello! I am quite new to this ‘blogging’ concept, so allow me to introduce myself.

You may call me stormiecrazy, or Stormie, doesn’t matter. I am a HUGE writer, meaning I am currently writing more than a billion books. Kidding, kidding. I am currently working on a book of poetry, and thinking of a plot for a new book. {I have one written- not yet published}

I also enjoy anime. The art, the voices, and the plot all work together so beautifully to create a piece of heaven for we anime fans! Some of my favorites are Hetalia, Black Butler, and Bleach, although I watch a lot more.

I am, also, an artist. My style is quite unique, a bit on the macabre side, but still beautiful. I love drawing out my characters as I write a book, and sometimes it helps me to visualize them.

Music. Ah, music. I love it all, truly. I listen to everything from the 70’s to today’s hits. I don’t like pop too much, and tend to stay with metal, alternative, and rock. Oh, also, I LOVE Russia and Russians, so I listen to the Russian National Anthem as well.

And on the subject of Russia… I’m a history buff, and also love learning about the world. My favorite countries to study are Russia, Poland, and Germany.

Well…that’s it for my first post. Stay tuned! More on the way!~